"The Single Stag" – Jackson & Young
"The Single Stag"
"The Single Stag"
"The Single Stag"

"The Single Stag"

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Sarah Jackson and Corinne Young, 2021
Mixed Media

While this isn't the first stag we've handcrafted using our signature collaboration style, he is a creation unlike any other. The stag, made using a careful balance of rich oil paints with a delicately layered assortment of collage, stands out incredibly against the crisp clean white background. Because of this bold contrast, the stag's textured coat, intricate facial markings and eye-catching antlers draw passersby to the piece and elicit that wonderful feeling of becoming lost in a powerful artwork. This standout piece will beautifully complement a rustic-chic space or create a statement in an urban setting.

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